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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Date night!

Jess and I had a date tonight!  Our plan was to search for a cozy and charming wine bar to sit and sip on some wine...  We literally walked for an hour in Nampodong, and after looking at numerous wine menus and sitting down at a table and then standing back up a couple times, we finally gave up and resorted to a FAMILY MART (Korea's 7 eleven) where we purchased ourselves a nice bottle of  Moscato...

...and then we headed to a DVD Bang to watch Finding Neverland. 

Now, here's the funny part.  Jess has been raving about a wine bar she went to in Seomyeon and I've been dying to see it.   When we left the DVD Bang tonight, we decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and low and behold, right underneath the DVD Bang was the exact same wine bar she loves in Seomyeon!  Turns out it's a chain... and as the Koreans say, it's adumdupta (beautiful)!  Talk about something being right beneath our noses huh?!

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