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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All my favorite hobbies!

Tonight, I did some of my favorite things, with some new, really great friends.  I played screen golf (basically real golf, but into a screen) for 3 long and hilarious hours, with blisters to show for it, played dominoes (which reminded me of my grandaddy!), and jin rummy (my favorite past time with Cornerstone kids back in HS).  The time just passed me by, and before I knew it it was midnight, and a school night!   Thank goodness for the Swine Flu showing it's ugly face in my school's neighborhood and canceling all my classes this week!  ... and according to my VP, I have to come to work for 2 hours, but I can do whatever I want...  I think sleeping at my desk will probably be my chosen activity for tomorrow's work day!  

Next on the agenda will be bowling, which I love!! ... and it wasn't even my idea! Seriously, where did I find these people who love everything I love?!   

*** Pics to come soon!

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