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Thursday, June 18, 2009

You think you know... but you have NO IDEA!

This is the TRUE LIFE story of Korean kids!

Before I moved to Korea, I expected the kids to be perfect students in and out of the classroom. I pictured them sitting at their desks with their hands folded in front of them, bowing to me as I walked by, answering my questions with perfect english grammar, sitting silently as I taught, and studying every extra moment they had outside of the classroom. Afterall, that's what American's always think Asian students are like, right? Boy was I in for a big surprise!

While my students are darling and polite for the most part, they are also absolutely NORMAL kids! During breaktimes, they play games, run around, scream at each other, tumble in the building, and run up and down the stairs! It's mass chaos - but somehow, I love it.

Today, I decided I would document the student's breaktime. Oh and PS... There is absolutely NO supervision. Teachers stay in their classrooms and work on planning while who knows what is going on outside... and contrary to popular American belief, the kids are usually fine and if there's a fight, they work it out themselves - most of the time at least! Enjoy!

Playing cards on the floor is a favorite for 5th graders...

Pretend fighting in the hallways is common with the 6th graders...

You can always find a group of 4th grade girls sitting on the stairway, chatting and laughing together..

and you're sure to hear the recorder during every break! Every kid has one, and almost every kid plays it!

Soccer is a favorite during lunchtime!

Tumbling at the top of the stairway is always popular for the 3rd grade boys!

and climbing on the jungle gym is an all time favorite for the 3rd grade girls...

It's always mass chaos on the playground during lunch...

and your bound to see at least a few boys fall while trying to run down the slide...

Ah, to be a kid again, huh?!

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