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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who wants my leftovers?

Tonight, Kevin and I went to the Wa Bar, a couple subway stops from our apartment to watch the Korea national team vs. the Saudi national team soccer game! When we got there, we ordered some fried chicken, which is fairly uncharacteristic of us, but it looked so good on the menu!

We ended up eating all but 3 pieces of the fried chicken, so naturally (well, it was natural to me), I picked up the 3 remaining pieces, placed them in a napkin and proudly walked them over to the table next to us. I thought it was completely normal, and generous of me to give my extra food to my table neighbors... but when I saw the looks on their faces, and realized they weren't all that interested in my fried chicken, I gave my best smile, handed them my "gift" with both hands, and pretty much wanted to die! Seriosuly, why do I do this stuff? And why in the world do I think it's normal?!!

Kev said it's because sometimes my heart is bigger than my mind. I'm not sure that's such a good thing, but I appreciate the encouragement!!

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