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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My journey to work!

Many of you have asked about my commute to work, so I decided to take some pictures to show you just what I endure every morning and afternoon! So, enjoy... This is my journey to school.

I forgot to take a picture of the 5 flights of stairs I walk down at my apartment, so we'll start at the alley outside. Kevin and I have nicknamed this alley, "The Poop Alley." It's a significant shortcut for us to get to the subway and bus from our apartment, but as the nickname clearly reveals, it smells like poop!

Alley Part 1 (Right next to the tree with no leaves is a small garden where the old lady is growing corn and other vegetables!)

Alley Part 2

Alley Part 3

Alley Part 4 (The door on the right of this alley, with the red border, is actually a mirrored door. I'm not going to lie... I always stop here to make sure I look okay for my day.)

On the left is a dry cleaning shop. Every morning, the owner is steam cleaning suit jackets in the window and we say hello to each other and wave!

These are the 5 flights of stairs I walk down to cross the street! I actually go down into the subway station to get to the opposite side of the street.

This is part of the stairway that I climb up to get back outside.

This is outside the subway, and I'm almost to my bus... just one more block! I always smile at the lady who works at the restraurant on the right. She's always making kimbob in the window!

At exactly 8:12am, my bus comes! Yeah for bus # 1!

I always say "Anyonghaseyo" to my bus driver in the morning... and I always sit in the front seat so I can see everything! I am a creature of habit!

This is my favorite part of the journey. This is the village I work in, which is called Gamchun. It's usually bussling with people walking to work and or opening their tiny shops along the street.

This is the crosswalk where I see my first students of the morning. There are 5 of them that all get on the bus here. Jackson, Seth, Julie, Brandon, and Nicole.

Around the turn ahead and 30 minutes from my apartment, I've finally made it to work, and am proud to have lost another 100 calories along the way!!

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