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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More funny Engrish!

Yesterday, at lunch, Stella said, "When women LAY a baby, the husbands usually give them a beautiful necklace (as a gift)." I laughed and said, "Stella, Chicken's lay eggs. Women give birth to babies!"

I asked our school nurse how long she had been married. Her response was, "2000 years," which made me laugh! Obviously she meant 9 years, since she got married in 2000.

I got a funny compliment last night when I was shopping. I was trying on a rain coat and the woman working at the store said, "You are beautiful door." I asked her, "a door?" and motioned like I was opening and closing a door, and she said, "Yes, You are a beautiful door." haha

Last week, I was on the subway, talking with some Korean high school age boys. When we got off the subway, one looked at me and said, "You have small face and big nose." At first, I was shocked at his remark, since having a big nose in America is far from a compliment, but in Korea, they all want bigger/higher noses... so I quickly turned my frown upside down and said, "Thank you!"

Last Wednesday, some of the 5th grade girls in my after school class asked me if my eyelashes were fake. I obviously took that as a compliment, but they legitimately could not believe that my eyelashed were as long as they are! :)

Today, in my after school English class, we were playing a very competitive game. It was boys against girls and when the boys team lost a point, one of them said, "Oh shit!" Mind you, this kid can barely say "Hello, how are you?" Why can he say "shit"? Lovely...

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