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Monday, June 29, 2009

Is this a performance or a florist shop?

2 weekends ago, I went to a recorder concert, and yes, you heard it right, I went to a recorder concert.  I was invited by one of my co-workers who was a performer in the concert.  She was so excited about the night and wanted all of her friends to be there, including me!  I was honored, and couldn't refuse.  She is the one to the right of the man in the middle.

Now, if you don't remember what a recorder is, think back to your elementary school days when you played the plastic instrument that produced music similar to that of the original Super Mario Brothers soundtrack for nintendo.  More than the shocking reality that people actually enjoy the sound of the recorder and came to listen to an hour of it, was the fact that nearly everyone in attendance came equipped with an elaborate bouquet to give to their friend or family member performing!  I'm not gonna lie... It made me double think my opinion of the recorder and had me wondering how I too, could join the recorder ensemble!

1 comment:

  1. The composers of the Super Mario soundtrack are offended by your analogy.