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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm a celebrity!

I've talked before, about how we feel a little bit like celebrities here. Yesterday was a great example. I was eating lunch at a little restaurant in Haeundae, all by myself, in jeans and a T shirt, and about 20 young guys in police uniforms were eating across from me. One of them walked over to me and asked if he could take a picture with me and asked for my e-mail address, so he could "send me the picture." I obliged, of course. I mean, what's the hurt in 1 picture right? Anyhow, he sent me the following e-mail and picture this morning. I thought it was cute enough to share.

"hi~ This is our picture in HaeUnDae. And my Engiish name is Toby. call me Toby. My korean name is YounHyuck and my family name is JaeGal. I am 23 years old in Korean age. I'm in Military service at the correction justice Republick of Korea Pusan. And i have just fourty-four days left. I live in DaeGu. If you have a chance to vistie Daegu, call me ~ Then, I can introduce my hometowm for you. Thank you to take a picture with me. wishing your answer.... Toby~ "

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