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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Kevin's birthday was last Thursday, May 28th, so I planned a surprise party for him! Here's who was there:


ME (of course),



KATE (this was taken after she tried some of the chicken poop - read on for more info),


SHUN (our Korean friend!)

the beautiful, SO WON (Shun's girlfriend),

...and the birthday boy, KEVIN~

First, we all had dinner together at a famous restaurant called Busan Kalbi... It's Kev's favorite place! (Sorry, we forgot to take pictures there). After dinner, Shun, took us to a place for some drinks and "anju" (appetizers).   The name of the restaurant, when translated into English, was "Chicken Poop House!" No Joke!  It's because it's famous for serving chicken tail, which by the way tastes like rubber!  On the positive side, it was one of the greatest hole in the wall bars any of us had ever been to in Busan, with writing on the wall, tons of University students, cheap appetizers and drinks, folding tables and plastic stools!  

The plate of "chicken tail"

Chocolate Birthday Cake - mmmm

Carlos, Shun, and So Won

Kevin, Carlos, and the ladies!

Kevin, with MORE ladies!

Carlos was reassuring me that Kevin was not attracted to any of the girls he was hanging out with because their teeth looked like this!  (Very funny!)

Makoli and Cider...  At this place, you pile all of the bottles into a basket and then they charge you for however many you had.  The bill - 28,000 won - The equivalent of about $20.00!  That was for 8 people to drink and eat for 4 hours! 

Makoli is traditionally drunk from a bowl, instead of a cup!  I thought this was a funny picture of cheering... Anyhow, "Gumbeh!  Cheers, to Kevin, and may you have many, many, many more wonderful years ahead!  Happy Birthday Love!"

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