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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday is Teacher Volleyball

So, every Wednesday, the teachers get to leave school early to play volleyball against other elementary schools in the area!  Today was my school's 1st game and I was all geared up in my matching adidas track suit, my red Korea shirt, and my brand new 15,000 won ($10.00) shoes with sparkly laces (yes, I bought black laces to switch out the sparkly ones, but I didn't have enough time!)  Sadly, my awesome outfit didn't win us any games... In fact, we lost ALL 4 of our games!  :( The Koreans are SERIOUS about their volleyball and are legit on the court! Even Barbara, the 63 year old teacher was out there... and she was digging for hits (I think that's a volleyball term...) and spiking the ball. I was shocked! Anyhow, we didn't just lose... we were DEMOLISHED!  Check out the score of our last game:

I asked one of the male teachers to take a picture while we were playing and he took 34 pictures of us in action!  Unfortunately, there was only 1 decent one!  (below)

The ladies team!  

This one is blurry, but it catches Nicole and I giving each other high fives after one of our plays!

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