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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anyone up for a day at the mall?

This blog is for those of you who have the misconception that I'm living in a 3rd world country! Quite the contrary.... This blog is just to prove it!

On Sunday, we ventured over to Shinsegae Mall, the biggest, most elaborate mall I've ever been to, which makes sense why it is named the "largest mall in Asia." It had an ice skating rink, an art exhibit, a park, a movie theatre, tons and tons of really fancy restaurants, a salon, a spa, etc...

This is the bakery area of the mall... yes, that's right! There is an entire floor of cakes... and let me tell you, the cakes you see in your Safeway Bakery at home are NOTHING compared to the cakes in Korea! They are intriquitely decorated and taste like heaven!

This is the view from the top floor, looking down from the 7th floor. (and yes, I was shaking taking this picture!)

There is an actual park at the top of the 14th floor of the mall, called Sky Park, that overlooks the city! It was such a beautiful day, so we spent about an hour here just lounging together and enjoying the view.

The view from one side of "Sky Park."

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  1. omigosh... that mall!!! words cannot express how tall it appears! wow.