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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday field trip to a Temple!

Mr Chun told Kevin he wanted to take Kevin and I to a Buddhist Temple in the mountain this weekend. So, at 1:30pm, he picked us up, with his wife, and off we drove to the temple. We were excited to see it, but had NO IDEA it would be as breathtakingly beautiful as it was. ENJOY

The front gate to the Tongdosa Temple...

Driving through the temple grounds... The lanterns are in celebration of Buddha's birthday, which is May 2nd.

There were 3,000 of these statues in this particular temple building.

I love these lanterns! They're so cheerful!

One of the temples...

One of Kevin's pics...

Another one of Kevin's beautiful pics...

What a little cutie huh?!

I think this is the biggest tree I've seen in Korea!

This wood carving was GIGANTIC! It's one of the gods of either the North, South, East, or West. Not sure which one though.

Me, outside a private prayer room.

This buddhist monk was bowing to this statue. There were hardly any signs around the temple grounds, so I'm not sure what this statue is... just thought it was a beautiful picture.

These beautiful fuschia colored lanterns were hung around this entire temple. A Buddhist monk was inside chanting and playing the drum.

This bridge was built over a wishing pond.

This part of the temple holds remains of Buddah's bones and teeth.

I love these! They are drinking fountains. There are metal cups that hang on the side of the fountain. You just scoop the water out and drink away!

I wish this pictures showed the creek that ran under this bridge... It was such a beautiful sight!

After we walked through the temple grounds, Mr. Chun drove us to a picnic area and pulled this cooler out of his car! It was filled with fresh fruit, water, and a ginseng-honey drink. Adorable! It was such a great way to end our time together at the Temple.

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