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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Field Trip Day!

Yesterday, we took the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders on a field trip! We went to the Fisheries Museum and the Busan City Museum. I decided to make a slideshow, so I could post all of the pictures! There are 2 slideshows, because there was a photo limit for each slideshow. :) Hope you enjoy:

Some pic explanations (If you care to know!):
1. The picture of me giving the thumbs up, is because the wax Korean figure in the background is making my favorite vegetable pancakes, which are amazing!!
2. The picture of the kids talking to an older lady with light brown hair and an older hispanic guy was one of my proudest moments as a teacher! My kids were running up to all of the tourists and practicing their English! :)
3. The picture of the kimbap (which look like California rolls) and the fruit was a picture of the kids lunch! They all brought kimbap and fruit! There were no chips or cookies!!
4. The crazy looking seafood was my lunch! The parents of the kids all get together and prepare lunches for the teachers! How awesome is that!?
5. The picture of the 3 old men was "just because!" I couldn't pass it up!
6. The picture of the bus is the bus we rode on. There are no school busses in Korea. All fieldtrips are taken on luxury busses, and students ride the city busses to school.
7. The picture of the beach with the buildings is Gwangalli Beach. We were driving on the bridge.
8. The picture of the wedding was on the grounds of the Busan Museum. Apparently it's a very popular place for wedding photos, which, by the way, are taken MONTHS before the actual wedding!
9. The picture of the harbor from on top of the mountain is the VIEW FROM MY SCHOOL! Not bad eh?!
10. The pictures of kids holding food are kids who were offering me parts of their lunches! How cute is that?!
11. Every student you see in these pictures is one of mine! I know them all and love ALMOST every single one of them! :)

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