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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dinner with my Vice Principal

So, tonight was the big dinner date with my Vice Principal and his family!  We had the most delicious meat, BBQ'd right at our table and then we all walked to a trendy little coffee shop a couple blocks away from the restaurant for some coffee and tea.

"Gyo Gam Sun Seng Neim" means "Vice Principal" in Korean, so everytime I want to get his attention or say hello to him, I have to say his ENTIRE title.   Tonight, he told Kevin and I that we could call him "servant" because he was cooking for us!  His daughter spoke fluent English and told me that she has NEVER seen her dad cook!  She said that we should feel VERY honored that he would do that for us!   :)

Gyo Gam Sun Seng Neim, his daughter, me, Kevin, his wife, and Stella (my co-teacher) outside the restaurant after dinner.

While we were walking to the coffee shop, I spotted this store and pointed it out to Stella!  She was so excited and said, "I have my own store!  I am very rich!"

After the coffee shop, Stella, Kevin and I did some shopping in the outdoor market and Kevin spotted this kid who he said was "suited and booted" (very fashionable!) I wish this picture showed his entire outfit, because he had really cool jeans on and black dress shoes.  Minus the scarf, I think any fashionable guy would have worn this kid's outfit!

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