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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dinner date with the girls!

Last Tuesday night, Stella and the music teacher, who I named "April" took me to dinner at a restaurant overlooking the ocean and harbor! It was a magical view, and a really fun dinner date! Stella is on the left of me, and April is on the right!

At nearly every Korean restaurant, there's a "call button" at one of the corners of every table!  So, anytime you need the waiter, you hit the call button and they come right over!  It's awesome, except for when you accidently lean on it, which I've done a number of times.  

This call button is special though.  I can't remember which button is for what, but there are 4 buttons for distinctly different purposes.  One button is for more soju (alcohol).  One is for more water.  Another is for the server to come over... and lastly and more importantly, one button is for a taxi... for all the drunk people who eat here!  :)

1 comment:

  1. That call button is really interesting. I haven't seen that one before. The blue says soju in hangul. I don't know what the others are for. I like your pics. Keep it up!