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Friday, April 24, 2009

Date night with Kevin! (worth reading!)

Last night, Kevin and I had our 1st official date night in Korea!  We jumped on the bus and took it nine stops to an area called Hadan, which is next to a University, in search of a DVD Bang.  DVD Bangs are an extremely popular place for young Korean couples looking for some alone time amidst their busy lifestyles, overcrowded homes and overbearing parents.   

At the DVD Bang, we paid the equivalent of $5.00 for a movie and were given a "room number." When we opened the door to the room, we saw that it was a VERY small room equipped with a large projection screen, a couch-bed, and a box of tissues...  Let me just say, I wouldn't want to bring a black light in that room.  Most Koreans, especially those in relationships, will not advertise that they frequent DVD Bangs because other people will immediately assume that they're up to no good.  Kevin and I behaved ourselves, and actually had a great time lounging while watching Amelie 2. 

After the movie was over, we walked, in the rain, through the area!  There were tons of Korean students eating and drinking at the local bars!  If it weren't raining, we would have walked longer, but we decided to go to a club near our apartment.

We took a taxi 15 minutes, and only paid the equivalent of $3.50 to the club!  When we arrived, there were men dressed in matching suits who led us up a grand staircase to a platform where we realized we had just entered the HIDDEN GEM of Busan!   It was a gigantic and fancy cabaret with dimmed lights and red lamps on each table!  There was an elaborate stage and dance floor with more stage lights than you've ever seen at any concert in America!  We started laughing and continued to follow the gentlemen in the suits.  They sat us in the very front, near the dance floor and the stage.  We were given a fancy tray of fruits, nuts, raisins, and some drinks and sat back and enjoyed the show together!  

The first act was 7 girls, dressed in skimpy outfits, singing American pop songs from the 80's and 90's, set to a rave/trance beat.  At the end of their show, one of them gave her best effort at singing the Whitney Houston hit, "I will always love you!"  I'm baffled each time someone tries their hand at this song, as it's botched nearly every single time!  We tried to hold back our laughter, but the 2 girls accompanying her on stage pretending to play the guitar and bass set the whole thing over the top!  

The next act was a group of 7 young Korean guys, wearing what looked like matching red satin bedazzled pajamas!  One guy was pretending to play the guitar, another the bass, and the other, the keytar (the keyboard that you wear like a guitar).   It was AMAZING!  They danced and sang their hearts out to songs like: "It's raining men", "Power of Love" (by Gloria Estefan), "Celebration", "Mama Mia", and my favorite of the night, "Cause I'm your Lady" by Celine Dion!  There is nothing funnier than a Korean boy band singing, "Cause I'm your lady" at the top of their lungs!  

After the boy band finished, a DJ was lowered from the ceiling - literally... and he played Korean pop songs with rave beats the entire night!  I don't mind the rave music sound for a couple songs, but when the entire song list has the same beat, it gets old fast!  Luckily, we had a group of 7 korean women there to spice up the night!  They came over to our table and dragged Kevin and I to the dance floor to dance with them!  They kept "boobi-boobing" with us, which is what Korean's call "freaking."  And whatever dance move I did... they did!  It was awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing, amazing, and hilarious all at the same time!  We felt famous!

All in all, it was an amazing memory and one of my favorite date nights ever!  :)  I'm not sure how we'll ever top it!! 


  1. That is hilarious. Love the idea of a DVD bang... for my home perhaps? :-) Good times.