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Monday, March 9, 2009

They think I drink well!

Last night was our first “teacher meeting of the year.” Don’t be fooled… It’s not a meeting at all! It consists of driving to an awesome traditional Korean restaurant, sitting on the floor, cooking amazing meat and seafood at your table, drinking soju (liquor) and makeju (beer), and doing it all with EVERY teacher at the school! It’s not a mandatory thing to go to, but no one ever misses it! Tonight, one of the teachers motioned as if he wanted to pour me some soju. I thought, hey what the heck. I’m in Korea… do as the Koreans do. I’ll try one shot. Well, that led to another teacher wanting to pour me a shot. Then the Principal handed me a shot glass and motioned that he wanted to pour me some. I laughed and said, “aniyo… aniyo” which means, “no, no.” His old man smile was so darn cute though, I couldn’t help it. I let him pour me another glass of the disgusting liiquor. After I drank it, he did a big thumbs up and yelled, “Alexis is # 1!!” …and all the teachers started clapping! It was a moment I won’t soon forget!

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