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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mmmm, Lunch time!

My school is very small compared to most schools in Korea, so it doesn't have it's own kitchen or cafeteria. With that, comes some interesting things, ie: All of the food is shipped in, on metal carts, from another school down the street... the students eat lunch in their classrooms with their teachers... and the teachers all eat together in the teachers lounge. NO ONE ever brings their own lunch from home. So, whatever the school provides is what you have to eat for the day!

This is the food table in the teachers lounge. We always have rice, some sort of soup, 2 side dishes, and a meat. (although, today the meat was baby Octopus! mmmm)

I asked one of the teachers what this strange looking dish was for? She said that everyday, they scoop a little bit of each food into these bowls incase someone gets sick. Then they can test it. hhhmmmm... So, if I die from something I ate, call the school first!

This was my lunch today! Yuummmmmy. Rice and bean sprouts, with dumpling and egg soup and octopus in red sauce!


  1. Scary that they think someone might get sick from the food! My first question would be, "How many people have gotten sick eating lunch here?" (: The dumpling and egg soup sounds really good. How was the octopus in red sauce?
    BTW, this is going to be from

  2. I think the food is safe, they probably just do it as a precaution. I do think it's kind of funny though. :)

    The octopus was actually very good. I'm a fan. It's a little rubbery, but it doesn't taste fishy at all.

  3. are you liking all the food??