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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Miss Alexis, sign!!"

After I taught my 3rd grade class this morning, all of the kids swarmed me! They were holding scrap paper, their nametags, their textbooks, and or small post it notes and pencils, whatever they could find to get their chance at an ALEXIS SIGNATURE!!
They were all yelling, "Miss Alexis, sign!" I felt like a movie star and even had to say "Anniyo, Anniyo" (which means "No, No") to some kids because I was going to be late to my next class! Before I came to Korean, I had read about foreigners being treated like celebrities, but I had NO IDEA it would really happen!


  1. That is pretty cool. Jill- can you speak Korean?

  2. I'm learning! I can write and read it better than I can understand it or speak it. I actually just got back to my office after my private Korean lesson with the Vice Principal. We meet almost everyday for an hour!

    Jill 질

  3. you will be so good when you get back. you and kevin and speak korean in public when you don't want people to understand you : ) pretty awesome!!!