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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jun Salon can “make you special!”

*** written Friday night @ 12:30am
If by “special,” they mean they will turn your hair BLUE, then yes, they can make you very special!

Some of my friends raved about the amazing haircuts they got at a salon in Symeon called JUN Salon! When I said I wanted to re-color my hair, they all recommended I go there! I could hardly wait to finally get the yellow/orange color out of my hair and felt a sigh of relief when I finally spotted it in the busy city!

I walked in and immediately headed over to the magazine area and quickly spotted a picture I really liked of a model with blonde hair! I should have known when my friend Jess asked the stylists, “Have you ever had someone ask for blonde highlights here before?” and their collective answer was “NO!” that it was a sign to get up and walk out…

Here’s the short version of how it went: 3 ladies did the highlights at one time!

They washed and dryed my hair…. Then 2 of them put toner on my entire head, washed and dryed my hair AGAIN and then wala. – the moment of truth…. I was a real life smurf! When the hair stylists saw the look on my face, the one who knew English the best, very nervously said, “Just wait 1 week and the blue will fade to blonde!” With the best smile I could muster up, I replied: “I am sun seng neem (teacher) and I can not go to work with blue hair.” I looked at Jess to help, and from then on I let her do all the talking… She was in a much better place to do the negotiating, and was actually very good at it! The stylists felt horrible and knew they had messed it up. They told me I could come back tomorrow and that they would try to fix it. I’m now lying in bed asking myself the question… Is yellow/orange better than blue? I think I’d take yellow/orange and my 100,000 WON back any day! Here’s hoping they can fix it and REALLY make me special!

My blue hair, the morning after!

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