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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hey Mom! Look what I can do!

This is my name! I just made it in the paint program on my computer!!

During lunch today, my Vice Principal, who I call "Moosik Gyo Gam Sun Seng Neem" (I know, it's super long and takes me a long time to get out) asked me if I wanted him to teach me the Korean alphabet and how to spell Korean words. I said, "Yes, I would love it!" So, he came by my classroom at 2pm and stayed for 1 hour and taught me every Korean letter, what it sounded like, and how to write it. He then taught me how to write certain words in Korean.

Here's what I learned!
Stella = 스텔라
Jill = 질
Alexis = 알랙시스
Kevin = 캐빈
Gam Chun(the name of the Village I work in) = 감천
Mountain = San = 산
River = Gang = 강
Bada = Sea/Ocean = 바다
Gamjung (the name of my school) = 감성
Elementary = Cho Dong = 초등
School = Hak eeyo = 학교
Bus = 버스
Me = Nah = 나
You = Noh = 너
Busan = 부산


  1. So cool! You're so smart. If we ever figure out what is wrong with our Skype, you can tell me how to say 질 in Korean!

  2. OK, I get it. 질 is pronounced Jill, that unmentionable body part.

  3. unmentionable body part... it's really good way to say that word in public.

    actually, Alexis is 알렉시스. 알렉스 is Alex.
    and there is one thing i recommend you memorize. 시간 = Chigan. my name Chigan(시간) is same sound with Time(시간). kkkk just remeber my names too kkkk

    btw, you are such a good writer i mean for writing korean alphabets.