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Monday, February 16, 2009

We made it... with all 300 lbs of crap!

I'm in Korea and loving it!  

We met some awesome people on the plane to Incheon!  2 guys and 1 girl who are all our age and from Seoul.  They were staying in San Francisco for 3 weeks doing a language exchange program.  They were so nice and helped us figure out how to use the subway, write Korean characters, buy a bus ticket, etc...  They even gave me a traditional Korean gift!  The girl, who's American name is Lucy, wrapped it for me on the place with traditional korean paper!  I gave her my US weekly magazine in return!  She LOVED IT!  And since you're all probably wondering, we asked them about Korean's eating monkey brains, which we had read about, and they said, "NO, no!  The Chinese eat those!"  At that point, I realized we  had made a good choice in going to Korea! haha

The airport in Korea basically had everything written in Korean characters AND English, so it made it  very easy to find out way around.  Plus, we had our own personal your guides (friends from the flight) who stuck by our side and made sure we made it to where we needed to go.  Customs only took us about 5 minutes, which is unheard of!  After customs, we went to collect our baggage.  By the way, the carts to carry luggage are FREE in Korea, so luckily we didn't have to maneuver our unbelievable large amount of crap everywhere by bungying them together!  (Which was our original plan.)  

We jumped on the bus, which was very nice.  It had footrests, leather seats, and huge windows!   We were luckily able to sleep some more.  When we woke up, we started talking to the guy in front of us, who happened to be getting off at the same bus stop.  He told us he would help us find our hostel, which THANK GOODNESS he was around... We would have never found it!!  He carried his own luggage around the city until he found our hostel!  What an angel!

We finally got to our hostel, which is a small little place with bunk beds resembling prison beds, but we don't care!  We are just so excited to be here!  There are quite a few Australians staying here.  We haven't met them yet, but hope to soon.  They are all in the common room watching a movie right now. :)  Kevin just went to take a shower and then we'll be off to have our Valentine's dinner!  It will probably be midnight before we sit down somewhere, but regardless, we're here on Valentine's day and we're determined to go on a date, no matter what!

1st official funny story of the trip!  Kevin just went downstairs to ask the hostel employees for a towel for the shower and was handed a towel the size of a hand towel!  He brought it in the room to show me, and we were both doubled over laughing!  

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