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Friday, February 20, 2009

It's official... I'm employed!

We started our 1st day of orientation today by walking across campus in the freshly fallen SNOW! It a winter wonderland today!

We had 1 class today that lasted 2 hours. It was a basic class on Korean culture... and we all filled out a form to set up our Korean bank account. We wrote our names, birthdays, signed it, and wala... we apparently have a bank account now! The form was even highlighted for us!

During the class, I took a quick pottie break and was taken back when I opened the door to the bathroom stall. I think I may have even audibly said, "oh!" when I saw the hole in the floor. It was an interesting experience!

After our class, we talked with Kevin's parents on SKYPE and my friend Lynzi, who lives in Costa Mesa. We then headed over to the Opening Ceremony, which was hilarious! Apparently Koreans are very last minute, which was totally apparent today, and hilarious! My 2 favorite parts of the ceremony were the traditional drummers, and the fan dancer! When the drummers were announced to come on stage, they didn't come out... The Korean woman directing the opening ceremony ran backstage and then poked her head back out and said to us "They were announced in English and didn't understand what we said!" We all laughed and clapped again to welcome them on stage!

At the banquet, we met a great couple from Canada, Laura and Cliff. We went through the buffet line together and saw that there was octopus. We all decided we would eat a piece together!! This was my piece! mmmm.... yummy tentacles! If you double click on the picture, you can see them more closely! A perfect ending to a great 1st day!


  1. i'm really stressed out about how the hole in the floor works... seriously.

  2. Oh good! You got to experience the Asian toilets - just like the ones we had to use in China. You have to take your coat off to use it, right? And hopefully there is a hook to hang it on! Love the picture of you eating octopus(sy). You didn't eat them live I hope! xoxoxo