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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"If you drink well, they are going to LOVE you!"

This is what our lecturer said today!

Drinking is VERY IMPORTANT in Korean culture! He said that if we are asked to go to dinner with a Korean friend or co-worker, it will start with the meal, lead to drinking, and will ALWAYS end at a norebang! (Kareokee) One of the girls in our class asked, “Can we say, “”No Thank you”” when they offer us soju (Korean liquor).” His answer was, “No, no… you don’t say no. It’s very rude!” He also said that In Korea, your shot glass WILL be refilled within 3 seconds if it’s empty!

As far as school policy on drinking goes, THERE IS NONE! Teachers drink alcohol during the school day! No joke! Not only that, there is a school budget for teacher dinner and drink outings!

Looks like I better find a Korean drink I like... and FAST!


  1. Sounds amazing. I'll bet Kevo is stoked.

  2. It's your life. Don't let people push you into things.

  3. yea, I do... once in a while. I'm kind of a fruity drink kind of girl. Give me a fuzzy navel or a mango mai tai and I'm a happy camper!