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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love field trips!

Today was our big field trip to the Korean Folk Village! We all loaded onto a greyhound type bus and off we went!  2 tangerines, and 1 hour later, we arrived!  We were each grouped with a tour guide that was supposed to take us around and explain what everything was, but our tour guide spoke sooooo slowly, my impatience got the best of me, and before I knew it, I was wandering all about the park without the official group! (I know, I was a bad girl!) Here are some pictures from the day! ENJOY

This was called the "Wild Flower Garden"

This was some some sort of honey/nut candy!   We watched the guy hand make it within 1 minute.   He took a huge chunk of solid honey and started stretching it out and dipping it in flour and then folding it, and refolding it, over and over and over again until wala... it became this stringy white candy! He then took a spoon full of the nut mixture, poured it onto the candy, folded that over a couple times, and this is what we got! It tasted sooo good and apparently has been a famous Korean candy enjoyed by Kings for years and years.

I loved this! It was a very, very large stone that had rope tied around it.  Attached to the rope, people had written, on small pieces of paper, their hopes and wishes for their family or friends.

Kevin's wish...

Kevin tying his wish to the wall.

This picture is for our nephew Caeden, who for some reason keeps asking Kevin's sister and husband if we've seen the animals on our "vacation" yet!   Yep, Caeden, we have seen the animals!   :)

This is a replica of an ancient farmer's home. Each room is entered from the outside of the home. (Kevin and I, Colin, Carlos (Mayo) and his wife Jessica)

I'm not totally sure what the purpose of these sticks were, but I tried it using them none the less. The woman in the picture below was super excited to help me! What you don't see in this picture are the 75 + people watching! It was quite the spectacle! You know how I love to be the center of attention! :)

I felt like I was famous, because the lady who helped me with the sticks wanted me to take a picture with her family!  haha!

Just some cute little HAPPY piggies that were hand made in the village.

Kevin has (had) an Obama pin that he had pinned to his bag. Our EPIK team leader, Yong, REALLY liked it, so he gave it to her today!  She was so excited about the gift, and immediately attached it to her name tag, which we have to wear at ALL TIMES!

Me and Kevers, randomly throughout the park.

In ancient days, Koreans would mush their rice this way!  I'm not sure what the mushed rice was/is used for, but it was fun to mush it none the less!  I happened to be in the right place at the right time and was offered a chance to try!  That darn thing was SOOO heavy!

I found this little girl and had to take a picture with her... we had MATCHING SHOES for goodness sake!

Some of our new friends on the stepping stones in the river that ran through the park. (Carlos, Colin, Rob, Me, Kate, Daniel, and Kevin)

This was an AWESOME traditional drum/dance performance! Check out the guys doing crazy flips in the air!
I think this picture was the official "We are tourists" picture for the day!
How adorable is this guy, and how funny is his hat?!

The Teeter-Tawter / See-Saw performance!  The park also had a tight rope walking performance, and some guys who did crazy tricks on horses, but I don't have pictures... Sorry!)

I do have pictures of my jump roping extravaganza though!  Who knew Koreans liked jump roping in ancient days!  I hadn't jump roped since 5th grade, but I was pleasantly surprised at my abilities!  I think I might have been a crowd pleaser!   haha

Our new friend Carlos (Mayo) and I showing everyone how it's done!

I'll leave you with these funny anecdotes that I think you'll like. 

1) One of our new friends, Jessica, is allergic to shellfish, so one of the EPIK leaders typed this note for her to laminate and take with her to restaurants while she is living in Korea to tell them what she cannot eat.   Check out the 5th one down! :)

2) We just got another announcement over the PA system that "Sunday worship will be SERVED at 7:30pm in the cafeteria tonight!"  

I LOVE THIS PLACE... what more can I say?!


  1. Jilly, what a fun blog!! I enjoyed every bit of it. It looks like you starred in a feature film. haha! Let me know how worship was served in the cafeteria tonight!! I just got found by 3 high school friends on my space. So fun! Love you..

  2. What awesome photos! You guys look hot, too! :-)