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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sari Organik Restaurant... a must see in Ubud!

I would never normally do an entire blog post about a restaurant, but holy schmolies... this place NEEDS it's own blog post!  Thanks to Lonely Planet, we navigated through 20 minutes of paths leading through rice fields to this gem of a restaurant, set right smack dab in the middle of rice fields as far as the eye can see in every direction!

So, here's how you get there.  Go west on Jalan Raya Road and look for these signs on the right... It's the last turn in before Jalan Raya Road starts going downhill.  Turn here! 

If you're on a scooter, you can technically scooter down the pathway all the way to Sari Organik, but it's NARROW and drops off on either side into muddy pools of rice, and if you're staying for the sunset you'll also be scootering back in the dark!  So, I'd recommend parking the scooter and walking. Besides, that way you can enjoy these stunning views along your 20 minute walk!

Feel free to stop and take a picture making a heart with your guy/girl in the shadow.  And no need to be embarrassed... There's no one else around! :)  #low season

After walking through the rice fields for about 15 minutes, you'll notice small stands of handicrafts, painting, sarongs, etc... and adorable little kids who hang out there with their parents while they work.  Beware, they'll try and snag your camera to take their own pictures!  #Self photo!  Such a schmooch.

It'll feel like you're walking too far, but keep going.  You'll eventually find it.  Just look for this sign on your left.

Ahhh, we made it!

After stepping over this big fatty first, of course!

Can you believe these views?!

We found our little table for two with a front row seat to watch the sunset...

... while we feasted on delicious $4.00 organik vegetable quiche, soup and salad (all veggies are grown in their garden.  You can actually go out and pick your own veggies if you want to.)...

... and a delicious $4.00 burrito and salad!

Talk about FRESH juice!  They'll chop a coconut for ya if you want some fresh coconut juice!

Speaking of coconuts... As we were walking to the restaurant, I caught this guy climbing to the top of this coconut tree to chop down his own coconuts! 

We could have stayed here forever, but alas, we decided to make the 20 minute trek back to the scooter before the sun went completely down. 

 If you're ever in Ubud, please, please, please treat yourself to this awesome place!  You'll thank me later. :)